Proflax Tummy Tastic Supplement 350ml

Proflax Tummy Tastic Supplement 350ml

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Tummy upsets can be a common problem in dogs. Antibiotics, vaccines and illness can knock your dog's gut out of balance causing loose stools or constipation, sickness, gas and bloating. Some breeds of dogs can be more prone to tummy problems. Tummy Tastic can also be used periodically to maintain the health of the gut and digestive system. 

Tummy Tastic is a power-packed powder formula consisting of Slippery Elm, Fennel, Chamomile & Dandelion combined together with active prebiotics from chicory root extract & yeasts and probiotics Enterococcus faecium & Bacillus subtilis. 

The fantastic combination of ingredients in Tummy Tastic supports a healthy balanced gut and digestive system. It reduces stomach discomfort, aids the absorption of nutrients and bolsters immune function. This blend is also ideal to use as a preventative approach to keeping your dog’s gut healthy, balanced and strong. 

Key Benefits:

  • Supports a healthy balanced gut
  • Improves digestion
  • Aids the absorption of nutrients
  • Reduces stomach discomfort & bloating
  • Bolsters the immune system

This blend contains four high power herbs that have been chosen for their therapeutic properties in aiding gut health and optimising digestion.

Suitable for all dog breeds.

Available in a 350g tub with a handy 20g measuring scoop. 

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