Keep Cool For The Summer

Mae loves the sun! But it is important to remember that dogs over heat very quickly and need help.

Mae love's the sun! But It is important to remember that dogs can over hear very quickly and need help to protect them during the hot weather.

It is important to remember that both dogs and cats feel the heat too, and with the summer weather here why not take advantage of our range of cooling products? These amazing products are designed to help keep our four legged friends cool during the warm weather and help prevent them from over heating, but here also are some of your tips to help your dog:

  • Ensure plenty of fresh water is available at all times to prevent de-hydration and be aware of signs that your dog maybe becoming dehydrated.
  • Dogs need help cooling off on all areas of their body, not just the head and back. The easiest way to ensure a dog is cool is by placing a wet towel on the stomach and paws.
  • Avoid mid-day weather, and walk early in the morning and as late as possible.

Cooling Mat

These cooling mats don't need refrigerating, and are activated by pressure once your dog lays/sits on it. 

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Ice Banana

Avaliable in different sizes, the Ice Banana is designed to direct heat away from the dogs skip to keep them nice and cool.

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