Brightkins Dog Pizza Party Treat Puzzle Game

Brightkins Dog Pizza Party Treat Puzzle Game

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Slide, twist, and snack! The Dog Pizza Party Treat Puzzle’s 12 shapes give dogs mental stimulation by challenging your dog to

slide, spin, and twist to get at the tasty dog treats hiding underneath each ‘pizza topping’. Place kibble or treats under each piecing topping piece and watch your dog use their paws and does nose work to get to the treats hidden inside this interactive dog toy. As they do nose work, they get mental stimulation which keeps dogs bright and happy. When used at mealtimes, this dog food puzzle encourages also acts as a dog slow feeder, encouraging fast eaters to slow down thereby reducing speedy eating, and also helps to reduce overeating.

This pizza-themed dog treat puzzle hides delicious treasures beneath brain-teasing ‘toppings’.

  • Inspired by everyone’s favourite ‘people food’, this pizza-shaped dog puzzle comes with 12 hidden compartments sized for treats or kibble.
  • Hide treats under the ‘pizza toppings’, and then cheer your dog on as they use their nose, paws, and brain to slide, spin, and search for the tasty treasures inside this stimulating dog toy.
  • As they sniff out the treats, dogs will use their brains to solve the puzzling challenges and keep their brains boredom-free.
  • The Pizza Party Treat Puzzle also doubles as a dog slow feeder and encourages fast eaters to take their time which also helps prevent your dog from overeating.
  • New trainers learn from the pros when they consult this interactive dog toy's expert guide written by a certified professional dog trainer.
  • Filled with all kinds of sniffing, searching fun, our dog training and behaviour aids also make a great dog birthday toy, as well as thoughtful gifts for dog parents!
  • Includes 1 x 2-piece treat puzzle which features non-skid feet and is made from easy-to-clean, BPA-free materials.
  • Note: This is an interactive toy and is not a chew toy. Adult supervision is required.

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