Bubble Dog Peanut Butter Electric Bubble Gun
Bubble Dog

Bubble Dog Peanut Butter Electric Bubble Gun

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James & Steel Bubble-In-Bubble Electric Gun Toy
We all know how excited dogs get to chase and catch things around them. Whether it is a pretty butterfly, a bird or a ball that's been thrown away for a distance, your dog loves to run and catch such things. Enjoy a lovely outing with your pet and take this James and Steel Electric Bubble Maker along with you for a fun activity. Made with durable material and electronic parts, this bubble maker machine makes large bubbles with small bubbles inside them. The solution is skin and eyes-friendly and it's okay if your dog ingests the bubbles while popping them. This is because it is prepared with a peanut butter flavour that is non-toxic and has a balanced pH. The mechanism of this bubble maker includes a bubble maker on the inside that throws out bubbles, while a fan spins and rotates them out. Then a lot of bubbles blow in the air that your dog will not be able to wait to pop! Playing with this dog toy has several health benefits for your dog. It keeps your pup happy and energetic while encouraging it to run, jump and play. This helps maintain a strong immune system in your dog, maintaining healthy body weight as well. Overall, you will love how much happier and healthier your dog will get after it becomes hooked on playing with a toy like this bubble maker for dogs. Also, this will help you bond with your dog better.

Product Benefits

Fun and energising activity to keep your dog entertained
The quality of the bubble maker and bubble solution is reliable and safe
Comes with a 120ml dog-safe bubble solution bottle in peanut butter flavour

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