Bubble Dog Refill Bubble Solution
Bubble Dog

Bubble Dog Refill Bubble Solution

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James & Steel Dog Refill Bubble Solution
Dogs love playing, especially when it is any kind of an interactive play session with their pet-parents. Dogs love to chase, hop, and jump no matter what time of the day it is. Get your pet an amazing interactive dog toy, like the James & Steel Bubble Blaster Electric gun toy, to keep it engaged for long hours while stimulating it physically and mentally. Who doesn't love bubbles? Certainly, all of us do, and so will your pet after you introduce it to this absolutely safe bubble-making solution.

With regular playing, once the bubble solution bottle is empty, avail this James & Steel Dog Refill Bubble Solution to ensure that your dog's fun sessions playing with these interesting bubbles are never over. This Bubble solution refill bottle contains peanut butter-scented bubble solution to entice your pooch and let it play hopping and jumping while wagging its tail for hours. Use this 120ml solution in the bubble machines and bubble guns.

The bubbles produced using this solution are completely safe and non-toxic, so you can have peace of mind while your dog jumps and hops to chase and burst the bubbles. You can use this peanut butter-scented bubble solution for bubble guns while playing with kids too. James & Steel Dog Refill Bubble Solution is a great refill size to keep the fun of chasing bubbles alive for both pets and humans. While using it, be careful that any pet or kid doesn't drink the solution.

Product Benefits

120ml bubble solution with a peanut butter scent
Ideal to be used with bubble machines and bubble guns
Completely safe and non-toxic

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