Bugalugs Spooky Edition: Pumpkin Latte Cologne

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Introducing Bugalugs Spooky Edition Pumpkin Latte Dog Cologne, the magical elixir that will have your furry friend smelling fangtastically fabulous. Crafted with care, this enchanting cologne potion boasts the nourishing goodness of Aloe Vera and Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5), leaving your dog’s coat not only smelling spooktacular but feeling incredibly soft.

Bid farewell to any lingering doggy odours as you embark on a scent journey like no other. The Pumpkin Latte fragrance is nothing short of spellbinding.

Using this cologne is as easy as a witch’s spell. Simply spray it onto your dog’s dry coat after grooming or use it in between washes to keep that enchanting aroma alive. The long-lasting freshness it delivers will have your pet smelling so delightful that they might just attract a few extra treats from admirers.

Like the whole Bugalugs grooming range our spooky edition cologne is vegan and pH balanced! Moreover, our product has been meticulously tested by humans, never on animals.

To make this potion even more special it’s made with water from the UK’s Lake District, so every spritz is a refreshing and revitalising experience.

Choose Bugalugs Spooky Edition Pumpkin Latte Dog Cologne, and let your furry friend step out in style with a fragrance that’s a true masterpiece of the season. Order now and embark on a scent journey that will leave tails wagging and noses twitching with delight!

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