Bugalugs Spooky Edition: Pumpkin Latte Shampoo

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Introducing Bugalugs Spooky Edition Pumpkin Latte Dog Shampoo – a bewitching blend of nutmeg, cardamom, orange, lemon, cedarwood, ginger & essential oils designed to give your furry friend a pampering experience like no other. Transform bath time into a hauntingly delightful experience with this enchanting potion.

Say goodbye to dirt and grease as this spellbinding shampoo works its charms, leaving your dog’s coat positively ghoulish but incredibly soft and clean. The irresistible Pumpkin Latte fragrance will have your dog smelling delightful.

Unleash the power of Nutmeg and Cardamom to gently cleanse, while Orange and Lemon provide a zesty burst of invigorating energy. The woody notes of Cedarwood offer a sense of calm, while the warming essence of Ginger creates a soothing sensation that your dog will adore.

With its versatile dilution ratio of 10:1, you have the power to adjust the potion’s strength according to your pup’s needs, ensuring a tailored bathing experience. And rest assured, Bugalugs Spooky Edition Pumpkin Latte Dog Shampoo is both vegan and pH balanced, meticulously tested by humans to guarantee its quality and effectiveness.

We believe in being kind to all creatures, which is why our formula has never been tested on animals. Plus, the water used in creating this potion hails from the pristine landscapes of the Lake District, adding an extra touch of nature’s magic to your dog’s bath time.

Turn ordinary grooming into an extraordinary ritual with Bugalugs Spooky Edition Pumpkin Latte Dog Shampoo. Embrace the spooky spirit and make bath time a howling good time for both you and your pup.

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