Carneval Serrano Ham & Sardine Dog and Cat Treats

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Made in Spain using only 100% natural ingredients, this range of meaty treats offers something exciting to owners that is not only healthy but also incredibly palatable! The CARNEVAL range is made with serrano ham (a natural, air cured ham) in every treat option, the training treats, and meaty sticks.

These training treats are the perfect size to fill up a training treat bag and handfeed during training with both cats and dogs. They would also work perfectly with interactive feeders to add a bit of pizzazz!

They are soft and ever so slightly moist making them a wonderful texture for both cats and dogs. The range comes in 3 fabulously meaty flavours ensuring there is something for every pet!

All three flavours have over 70% meat, making them some of the meatiest on the market but they also have a couple of extra health benefits too…

Oregano oil – A natural anti-inflammatory helping to reduce not only inflammation within structures across the whole body, but most importantly in the digestive system. This can help keep digestive systems happy and healthy. Oregano oil is also a big benefit to the immune system by offering support to the microbiome within the gut, helping to support the friendly bacteria.

Rosemary – rich in antioxidants, rosemary supports the immune systems but aiding the removal of toxins and bad bacteria. Rosemary supports the microbiome as its an antimicrobial, helping to reduce the replication of nasties in the gut and helping the immune system remove them.


30% Lamb Meat, 26% Beef Meat, 17% Serrano Ham, Rice, Vegetal Glycerin, Green Peas, Sunflower Oil, Minerals, Beer Yeast

Preservatives: Propionic Acid (1K280), Calcium Formate (1A238), Citric Acid (1A330), Formic Acid (1K236). Flavouring Compound: Oregano Oil, Rosemary.

Typical Analysis:

Protein: 29.1%, Fat Content: 8.4%, Crude Ash: 11.3%, Fibre: 1.7%, Moisture: 19.1%, 311 Kcal/100G, Omega 6: 0.8G/100G, Omega 9: 1.76G/100G.

Feeding Guidelines

Use as a training aid & reward or as a fun treat as part of a balanced diet. Please always supervise your dog when feeding and check the treats are a suitable size for your pet. Always ensure fresh drinking water is provided at all times.

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