Doodlebone Pink Air Mesh Harness

Regular price £15.00
The Doodlebone soft harness is made from a softly padded air mesh; the comfortable design puts no strain on the neck and is even double stitched for extra strength. This harness has been designed by Doodlebone to provide the ultimate in comfort and style for your dog.

Product Information
The original Doodlebone soft padded dog harness is the perfect walking accessory made from breathable air mesh fabric our harness spreads weight across the chest of dog’s removing the strain on a dogs neck created by wearing a standard collar, whilst preventing the chafing and strain placed on the joints that a standard harnesses cause.

Size Guide
Please see additional image for size guide When buying a harness, start by measuring the base of your dogs neck and around their shoulder blades and chest bone with a tape measure. To ensure the harness is the perfect fit you should be able to fit two fingers between the harness and your dog, providing this doesnt mean they can slip out of it. Ensure you leave enough room to allow for your dog potentially holding their breath when being measured. If you are buying for a puppy then always go a size up so they can grow into it.

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