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Dexil CAUTION Awareness Collar

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Dexil CAUTION Awareness Collar. Dexil Ltd have produced a range of collars and leads that can help notify other walkers of their dog's personality and could potentially avoid a difficult situation.

The CAUTION Awareness Collar is red and embroidered with the word CAUTION to warn people that their dog needs space and should not be approached.

Dexil Friendly Dog Collars are made from high quality polypropylene webbing for strength and have a welded D ring for attaching a lead. Machine washable at 30 degrees the Dexil CAUTION Awareness collar is easy to adjust to fit and is fastened with a buckle collar.

Available Sizes: Small/Medium - 25-43cm, Large/Extra Large 38-64cm.

Dexil CAUTION Awareness Lead is available seperately.

Other Dexil Awareness Collars are available.

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