Herbal Dog Co All Natural Orange Blossom Shampoo
Herbal Dog Co

Herbal Dog Co All Natural Orange Blossom Shampoo

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The perfect addition to any grooming routine, our lovely orange blossom shampoo will leave your pampered pooch smelling like a fragrant orchard in summer. Our shampoos are packed full of natural goodness, with essential oils and herbal extracts that make them smell amazing – and all without any nasty chemical additives.

As well as smelling great, our orange blossom shampoo is really gentle on your pet’s skin. The soothing natural oils make this a great choice for a relaxing bath time, for you and your furry friend. Enjoy the soft, floral notes of this sweet-smelling shampoo, as it works its magic. Dust and dirt are washed away, leaving just a gentle citrus scent, a smooth shiny coat, and a very clean and happy dog!

Rub a dub dub, get the dog in the tub! Brush the coat to remove loose hair & dirt. Soak the coat & massage in the shampoo, avoiding the eyes and inner ear. Wash out and stand back, ready for the shaky shake! Dry thoroughly to prevent colds & stiff joints.

Aqua, extracts of Chamomile, Wild Sage, SLS & Paraben Free Coconut Based Surfactant, Sea Salt, Aqueous Herbal Tincture, with a splash of natural Plant-based Fragrance Oil

Size; 250ml

• No Palm Oil • No chemicals • No nasty stuff

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