Kong Rewards Tennis Treat Ball

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KONG Rewards Tennis is a big yellow tennis ball shaped treat dispensing toy. As your dog plays they are rewarded with kibble, treats or whatever you have popped in there. Loads of fun with every action-packed roll.

This treat toy is sure to keep your dog engaged while providing mental and physical entertainment. With its easy-fill funnel hole, filling it is easy but getting the treats back out is the challenge your dog is faced with.

Use as a fun treat dispensing toy to combat boredom or fill with your dog's meal time kibble for a challenging meal time puzzle. Dog's love working for their food.

Two sizes - small is approx 3.25 inches whilst the large is approx 5.5 inches.

This is not a chew toy. Please supervise play and show your dog how to roll the ball to access the treats.

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