KONG Wild Knots Bear Assorted Dog Toy, M/L

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KONG Wild Knots Bear Assorted Dog Toy, M/L

The KONG Holiday Wild Knots Bear Assorted Medium/Large is a delightful and engaging dog toy designed to keep your furry friend entertained during the holiday season and beyond. This playful bear-shaped toy features an internal knotted rope skeleton that satisfies dogs" natural instincts, making it perfect for chewing, tugging, and playing.

The knotted rope structure not only promotes healthy dental hygiene but also provides a satisfying texture that dogs love. One of the key highlights of this toy is its minimal stuffing design, which ensures less mess around the house. Unlike traditional plush toys that can create a clean-up nightmare with scattered stuffing, the Wild Knots Bear contains just the right amount of stuffing to add softness without causing a mess. This thoughtful construction is especially beneficial for dogs that tend to be more enthusiastic chewers or those who love to play rough.

Despite its softness, the Wild Knots Bear is remarkably durable, capable of withstanding extended play sessions. This durability ensures that the toy remains intact and enjoyable for a long time, reducing the need for frequent replacements. With its attractive holiday-themed design and engaging features, the KONG Holiday Wild Knots Bear Assorted Medium/Large dog toy is the perfect gift to keep your canine companion happily occupied during the festive season while also catering to their natural instincts and maintaining a clean and tidy environment.

Product Benefits
  • Length: 24.77cm X Width: 17.78cm 
  • Keep your dog entertained for hours

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