Life of Riley

Life of Riley Gingerbread Bakery

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Our bakery has come to life in biscuit form!

Two giant peanut butter biscuits sandwiched together with our signatural natural, sugar free icing and hand decorated by the team!

You won't see a treat like this anywhere else, it is truly unique and a vision we have had for years, so we are very excited it has come to life!

Grain free, natural and delicious! Ready to gift, packed in with love into a windowed gift box with decorative straw!

As with all our recipes, they have been developed for sensitive tummies and intolerances, we leave grains, animal products, chemicals, sugar and preservatives OUT :) 


Bakery Biscuits: Gram, coconut, peanut butter, ginger & guar gum.

Icing: Our signature plant based, sugar free, natural icing recipe with spirulina, beetroot and coconut for colours and decorations.

The boxes for these are 8 x 8 x 1.5"

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