MuttMOP® Dog Drying Robe

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The George Barclay, MuttMOP® Dog Drying Robe, quickly and effortlessly dries your dog’s coat. It’s the ideal accessory for drying your dog after a woodland walk, forest trail or coastal stroll.

Produced using a luxurious, dual weft microfibre, the MuttMOP® drying robe effortlessly soaks up water within the material’s fibres and dries very quickly.

The material’s dual weft compound means the lining of the robe has a long pile surface, which quickly absorbs moisture and wicks away water from your dog. While the outside of the robe has a much shorter, softer pile surface, for a comfy, cosy feel.


  • Microfibre cleaning & drying technology
  • Girth adjustment
  • Fold-over / stand-up collar
  • Dual weft 400gsm material
  • Super absorbent
  • Machine washable

Size Guide - please ensure you measure your dog correctly, we are unable to refund or exchange this item

Length: 26cm (10in)
Girth: 30 - 38cm (12 - 15in)

Length: 33cm (13in)
Girth: 40 - 48cm (16 - 19in)

Length:40cm (16in)
Girth: 50 - 60cm (20 - 24in)

Length: 48cm (19in)
Girth:60 - 70cm (24 - 28in)

Length: 56cm (22in)
Girth: 65 - 75cm (26 - 30in)

Length: 64cm (25in)
Girth: 70 - 85cm (28 - 34in)

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