Natures Menu Superfood Bars (Salmon & White Fish with Cranberries & Kelp)
Natures Menu

Natures Menu Superfood Bars (Salmon & White Fish with Cranberries & Kelp)

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Natures Menu Treats - Country Hunter Superfood Bars Salmon & White Fish With Cranberries & Kelp x 100gm

Natures menu treats are formulated to be not just delicious but nutritious, and their superfood bars are no exception! These tasty natures menu treats combine a high human-grade meat content with nutrient-rich plant-based foods for a really healthy, well-balanced, high-protein snack.

Their salmon and white fish superfood bars contain premium airdried salmon and white fish combined with cranberries and kelp, and they’re suitable for dogs and puppies from 4 months old. These natures menu treats are also particularly suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs or intolerances, as they’re gluten-free and made without artificial colours or flavours.

100% natural and packed full of healthy omega fatty acids, these natures menu treats are ideal guilt-free training rewards or treats, packaged in a resealable pouch for portability and freshness.

Ingredients: Salmon (35%), white fish (31%), cranberry (4%), kelp (4%), rice flour, glycerine, oat flakes.

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