Orbiloc Dual Safety Light

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Designed and made exclusively in Denmark, the Orbiloc Safety Light provides the highest standard in design and workmanship, featuring a high quality LED safety light that ensures you and your canine companion are visible to others from a distance up to 5km. This drastically reduces the risk of you and your pet being involved in an accident or dangerous situation, thanks to improved visibility leaving road users and other pedestrians plenty of time to react.

Perfect for when you and your dog are out and about in the twilight or dark, the Orbiloc Safety Light is extremely durable.  It ensures visibility, boasts premium quality, and comes complete with a three-year warranty.

An IPX8 approved product, indicating how resistant a product is against drops, rain and water immersion, the Orbiloc Safety Light has the highest level of certification, meaning the light can stand being continuously underwater; Perfect for dogs that love to swim. It’s unique lens offering 270 degree arc visibility means your dog will be visible from all sides, with the power of the light allowing you to see it reflected in your environment even if it isn’t pointed in your direction.

Extremely user friendly, the Orbiloc Safety Light is a dual function accessory, featuring a Mode Selector Ring  that allows your to quickly change the light setting choosing from “flash” or “steady on” to suit your requirements.  It provides a minimum of 100 hours battery life, with the “flash” setting providing up to 250 hours of light.

A modern and streamlined design, the Orbiloc measures approximately 35mm x 20mm, and is so lightweight weighing in at only 19gm.  That means it won’t get in yours or your dog’s way even if he’s lying down or rolling around on the light itself. It has a range of key features to ensure it meets your every need for a safety light, designed to withstand whatever your dog could put it through.

Key Features:

  • Visible up to 5km, allowing other road users and pedestrians to spot you from a distance, providing them with plenty of time to react.
  • Withstands extreme temperatures, from 50C to -40C, ideal for any weather condition you may be presented with.
  • Long battery life, ensuring convenience for you.  The Orbiloc Safety Light provides 100 hours when using the “steady on” setting, with 250 hours on the “flashing” setting
  • Easily replaceable batteries, sold separately here (2x CR2032 Batteries)
  • Dual function light, offering two settings that are easily changeable
  • User friendly for convenience, changing the function with ease by simply turning the Mode Selector Ring right or left
  • Omni-directional optic, providing visibility across a 270 degree arc meaning the Orbiloc can be seen in ALL directions
  • 100% waterproof to a depth of 100m, perfect for dogs that love to explore and venture into the water
  • Withstands a load of 100kg, for an impact resistant, reliable and durable light
  • Made to the highest standards in quality, design and workmanship
  • Made exclusively in Denmark, having undergone numerous tests to ensure its reliability and effectiveness
  • Versatile attachments and replacement parts, suiting your every need as a dog owner (straps, clips and replacement batteries)
  • 3 year warranty included (Warranty Registration required)

A complete light kit for you and your dog, the Orbiloc Safety Light contains:

  • 1x Orbiloc Dog Dual Safety Light (Green)
  • 1x Quick Mount Adjustable
  • 1x Buckle
  • 1x Orbiloc Velcro Strap
  • 1x CR2032 Battery
  • 1x User Guide

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