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The story starts just over a year ago, when a tiny Bichon Frise joined our family. We love taking him on long walks and like most dogs Norman loves running through muddy puddles and digging holes.

Keeping him white was always a challenge!!!

Until we started using the Paw Pod, just a squeeze of shampoo and quarter cup of water, within 30 secs Norman had four clean paws. Our car seats have been clean ever since :)

  • Our clever dog paw cleaner makes cleaning your dog's paws a doddle! No fuss, no mess and no more dirty towels!
  • Perfect size for Toy, Small, Medium, and Large breeds: . 
  • Paw Pod is made from sustainable high quality BPA free plastic and silicone, meaning it is highly durable and safe for your furry friend.
  • The Paw Pod quickly removes debris, mud, dust, germs, road salt, turf chemicals and any other irritants from your dog's paw, nails pads and lower legs.

Small - 10cm tall and 8cm wide
Large - 15cm tall and 10cm wide.


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