Pet Podz

Pet Podz Toy & Teacup Dog Revolution Pack

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A ‘Toy & Teacup Dog Pack’ helps address many of the problems that cause stress and anxiety to pets and their owners. They serve a useful purpose to prevent and rectify problems associated with destructive behaviour and fear of strangers or wide open spaces in puppies and small dogs

  • Tried, Tested, Recommended & Used Daily by Rescues, Vets and Behavioural specialists
  • Ideal for puppies and house Trained dogs
  • Made in the UK and built to last a LIFETIME 
  • No assembly required
  •  Includes free and exclusive step by step training guide by 'The Behaviour Company'

PetzPodz are the worlds first replicated "Den" environment for Dogs and Puppies, they mimic the natural shape that dog's would recognize when needing a safe area, the podz is dark, has a small entrance and the rear of the podz is curved just like the letter "C".

Squares and rectangles are not positive shapes for Dogs, they respond far better to curves and a PetzPodz will be a identified by your Dog as a calm and tranquil area which they can relax and sleep in on their owns terms, any time. Due to the added safety and secure surroundings your dog will enjoy better quality of sleep and rest which in turn will be beneficial to its health and happiness

Included in the toy and teacup dog pack
• 1 x Small PetzPodz
• 1 x Colour Matching, small dual cushioned & machine washable PetzBedz
• 1 x Removable front grill

Small Depth 484 x Width 500 x Height 409

PetzPodz Base unit with no insert

Small Podz - 6.5kg

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