Rosewood Advent Calendar Snuffle Toy

Rosewood Advent Calendar Snuffle Toy

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Made from high quality materials this advent calendar snuffle toys is great for storing your pets treats for the countdown towards Christmas and can even be used as a snuffle mat. 

So the reason we have picked this item out is we can fill it on each appropriate day one at a time and then let the dogs find what day it is by sniffing out their favourite treat hidden in that days pocket! 

Made it high quality materials as expected from the brand Rosewood and has a handy bit of material at the top of the item if you wish to hang it up. 

Days 1-24 included on the advent snuffle mat. 

Approximate measurements

Total 49x28cm 

individual pocket 4x5cm 

Please do remember this is only  a soft canvas material and is intended for the dogs to sniff and lick the treat out fo the pocket and may not withstand a dog becoming frustrated to chewing into the pocket. 

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