Sir Woofchester Pork Scratchings
Sir Woofchester

Sir Woofchester Pork Scratchings

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Sir Woofchester was a dog of great character and, today, he is the living spirit behind our brand.  His inspiration compels us to source the highest quality ingredients and to set the bar for ethical & environmental standards.  We only use specially selected ingredients and “Bistro-Dog” recipes in our products to give you and your dog a unique experience.  All products are either grain-free or gluten-free.  Sir Woofchester’s doggy pork scratchings have been specially prepared for dogs, regular human snacks and pork scratchings are dangerous for dogs.  The Sir Woofchester Pork Scratchings are made of 100% cured pork rind have zero added salt, MSG and significantly lower fat!  The are all natural and gluten-free.

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