Trixie BE NORDIC Canvas Lifebelt Toy

Trixie BE NORDIC Canvas Lifebelt Toy

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Trixie Be Nordic Dog Toy Canvas Lifebelt
Dog toys made from canvas. Stronger than plush toys but not indestructible. There is a squeeker in the toy that makes a noise when your dog bites into it.

Dimension: 29 cm

We support maritime protection projects from the sales of our series BE NORDIC.

A portion of the proceeds from each BE NORDIC item sold is donated to Ghost Fishing. Ghost Fishing is an international non-profit organization that collaborates globally with technical divers and various companies that recycle waste. Ghost Fishing works exclusively with voluntary divers.

Large numbers of lost nets, fishing gear and other waste in our seas make numerous victims. These lost fishing nets often continue to fish in the sea for a long time, this is also known as "ghost fishing": the fish caught dies and in turn attracts other marine animals that get caught in the same net. In this way the ghost nets become a deadly trap.

The approximately 640,000 tons of ghost nets kill not only more than 136,000 seals, sea lions and whales, but also millions of birds, turtles and fish.

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