Woof & Brew Ha-Pee Lawns - Stop Lawn Burns from Urine
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Woof & Brew Ha-Pee Lawns - Stop Lawn Burns from Urine

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Reduce the burn patches on your lawn caused by your dogs wee with this 100% natural blend. Unlike many other lawn care products, Ha-Pee Lawns herbal tonic is the only proven solution that benefits both your lawn AND your dog and offers 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

- Natural cleansing properties and rich in vitamins and minerals

- Nutritionally balanced, specialised blend developed with veterinary experts

- Designed to help with reducing & neutralising the ammonia and alkalinity in urine

- The herbs used are used to help with detoxifying and maintaining a healthy urinary tract

- Best served over food

Ingredients: Tomato Flakes, Yucca Root, Nettle, Alfalfa, Marshmallow Root, Golden Rod

“Saw an improvement in just two weeks!” Ginette Evans, Prada & MuffinPROVEN RESULTS. 100% NATURAL. DEVELOPED WITH VETERINARY EXPERTS.
Ha-Pee Lawns is a 100% natural healthy, herbal blend for dogs that has been formulated to combat urine burn patches on lawns, as well as making sure it’s good for your dog too. This nutritionally balanced, specialised blend, which has been developed with veterinary experts, is packed full of anti-oxidants, vitamins & minerals, which contain natural cleansing & purifying properties. It’s particularly good for supporting urinary systems, helping to maintain a healthy urinary tract and works by helping to neutralise both the alkalinity and ammonia (specifically nitrogen) in dogs urine.
“We purchased the Ha-Pee Lawns tea bags to try with Brian - our collie cross. It took a few days before he was entirely happy with drinking the tea, but he's now used to it and we have certainly seen the results on the lawn - or not as the case may be! He still visits his top pee spots in the garden, but (so far) no 'burn' marks have appeared in the grass at all - happy us, happy dog and (of course) happy lawn!” Lorna Deans & Collie Cross, Brian

“Yes! My grass is starting to recover from previous stains and no new patches have appeared” Abby Rance & Bryn

“Our weimaraner named Blue has been drinking the Ha-Pee lawn tea for over 6 months now and he really likes it. We have had no yellow patches on the lawn except on 1 occasion when I forgot to re-order the product. My plants around the borders of the lawn are also thriving now.” Karen Pyott
“I was one of the original guinea pigs for Ha-Pee Lawns and I said then I was very impressed with the product. I continue to use the product and am still very impressed. The dogs both really enjoy their evening meal. Many thanks to your company for introducing such a great product” Liz Stallion

Ha-Pee Lawns is available in a ready-made tonic that can be added over their food. It’s so simple to use and just a few cupfuls a day will keep those urine burns at bay.

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