Fireworks: Our Guide To Reducing Anxiety

Some cats and dogs may seem not too scared of fireworks, but many are. Sometimes slight changes in behaviour may indicate how an animal maybe feeling leading up to the firework season, even during the day time if people decide to let fireworks off before the night. Below is our guide to looking out for your cat and dog during the firework period, and some herbal remedies that are available to buy. These herbal remedies can aid your cat or dog to feel relaxed and less anxious without causing drowsiness or sedation.

  • Walk your dog during the day, long before fireworks are due to be set off and before it starts to get dark. If possible walk in an open area where fireworks are not due to be set off (encase someone decides to let fireworks off during the day).
  • Shut windows and curtains; put the TV on and other devices around the house such as the radio to mask sounds from outside.
  • Feed your animal during the day before fireworks starts, they maybe put off by food once the bangs start.
  • If your animal has a safe or comfortable place that they like to hide in, ensure that this is kept open for them. It could be behind the sofa, or even under the covers in bed!
  • If your dog or cat does go to a safe spot, don’t move them out. Instead go to them and give them comfort.
  • If your dog is very anxious, consider the use of a dog crate. Crate’s replicate that feeling of a “safe place”. A “safe spot” or a crate if your animals own spot where they feel most comfortable and safe.
  • Offer your animals lots of treats and cuddles! Keep lots of toys around to keep them happy.

Here are some products that we offer to enable your dog to feel more relaxed by reducing anxiety.  Scullcap & Valerian compounds are licenced medications from Dorwest using herbal products which can be used leading up to the firework season, or on the night and work within 30minutes (without causing drowsiness).

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