DogsLife Eye Cleaning Wipes
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DogsLife Eye Cleaning Wipes

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Benefits Our Dog Eye Wipes have been designed to Gently and Effectively remove Tear Stains and other Discharge from your Dogs eyes with Confidence.

Pack of 100 Pre-soaked Eye Care Wipes Will Safely & Gently:
- Remove Tear Stains
- Eye Discharge Safe
- Easy Non-Irritating Formula
- Natural Pre-soaked Aloe Vera Pads

How To Use
- Remove one Eye Wipe from the container with clean hands.
- Gently wipe the area below the eye working the pad from the lower eyelid down the face, always moving the pad away from the eye.
- Avoid direct eye contact.
- Close the lid of the container tightly to ensure the wipes do not dry out.


100 Pre-Soaked Aloe Vera Formula

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