Great&Small British Beasts Welsh Dragon Dog Toy
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Great&Small British Beasts Welsh Dragon Dog Toy

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Tales of mythical beasts have captured our imaginations for centuries. Now your furry friend gets to star in their very own legend, with this unique and magical plush dog toy.

  • Tough Fabric Texture- The Great&Small Large Welsh Dragon has a strong but soft texture that’s perfect for the most playful pets. With TPR rings along the back for added texture and excitement.
  • Double Stitched and Lined- A double-strength toy for double the fun!
  • Internal Squeaker – Provides dogs with that extra bit of excitement and encourages those natural instincts.
  • Inspired by English Folklore – The Red Welsh Dragon is instantly recognisable and iconic, the symbol of Wales and a symbol of good luck.

Capture your dog's curiosity with the Great&Small Legendary Beasts Range.

Approx size: 27cm

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