Life of Riley ‘Cheesy’ Straw Twist
Life of Riley

Life of Riley ‘Cheesy’ Straw Twist

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Introducing our new 'Cheesy' Straw

A delicious savoury addition to our bakery range!

These are jammed packed with one of our favourite ingredients which has a natural cheese flavour without the troublesome diary - nutritional yeast!

'A complete protein form, nutritional yeast also contains adequate amounts of essential amino acids and antioxidants that can help your canine buddies fight against diseases caused by free radical damage. Also high in fiber, the yeast contains riboflavin, thiamine, and minerals like calcium and potassium.' Ref. Net Meds.

Blended with peanut butter, and organic coconut and hand twisted by our biscuiteers, these are the perfect treat for any pooch!

These are handmade so sizes may vary slightly but these are coming in at a whopping 18cm long on average!

Composition: Gram flour, organic coconut, peanut butter & nutritional yeast.

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