Oh So Precious

Oh So Precious Paw Print Clay Mould & Photo Frame Kit

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This framed clay paw print kit is the perfect way to not only capture the moment but also display it within your home. Whether it's the day you adopt them, bring them home for the first time or sadly towards the end of their life, this clay paw print kit is easy to use at home and is great to get the whole family involved with. 

The 3 aperture mount has a large aperture to place the clay impression in and 2 smaller windows to place your favourite photos in.

Each impression kit includes:

  • White frame with 3 aperture mount
  • 250g of easy to mould, air drying clay
  • Wooden Roller
  • Tube of Super Glue

There is enough clay to make 2-3 average paw sized impressions. Each kit has detailed instructions of how to create the perfect paw print keepsake.

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