Paleo Ridge Essentials Pork Dinner 500g
Paleo Ridge

Paleo Ridge Essentials Pork Dinner 500g

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Essentials Pork Dinner is a grain-free, complete and balanced meal supplemented with seasonal vegetables and extra virgin olive oil. Suitable for all life stages including puppies and seniors, this product offers all the benefits of raw feeding, whilst offering the best value for their owners.

Ingredients Pork, Duck, Beef and Seasonal Vegetables (broccoli, kale and carrots) extra virgin olive oil
Analysis Kcal 184 per 100g, moisture 70%, protein 14%, fat 14%, fibre 0.5%, ash 1.34%, calcium 0.39%, phosporous 0.39%
Additives 70% meat and bone, 19.5% veggies, 10% offal .5% extra virgin olive oil

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