Pet Remedy Plug In Diffuser
Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy Plug In Diffuser

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The Plug in diffuser from pet remedy is perfect to keep near your dog’s bed or sleeping areas in the home. It will infuse the air within the home with the sweet and calming scent of Pet Remedy. This is ideal for;

  • A new or rescued dog coming into the home
  • The pet that has to rest following surgery or illness
  • Firework or shooting season
  • A stressed dog that has been though a traumatic experience
  • Dogs that find it difficult to settle in the home
  • To take the edge off anxious feelings during thunderstorms

In fact the Pet Remedy Diffuser will have a calming effect not only on your dog but every pet within your home. It even works for humans too. Each diffuser refill will cover up to 60m² and will last up to 6 weeks.

Ingredients: valerian, vetivert, basil sweet and sage

Pet remedy products offer a natural stress relief treatment type catered to, and designed for, our family dogs. With a main ingredient of calming valerian, that will settle anxious and nervous feelings, Pet Remedy has provided a kind solution for the worried pet. The remedy is non-sedating anxiety relief.

Stress in our dogs seems to be on the rise. There are many reasons for canine stress and some that we may not even recognise. With an acute sense of hearing and smell dogs can easily become worried by things that we see as areas of everyday life.

Signs of stress can vary and some may not even be obvious but your dog will try to calm himself when he feels worried. The attempts of self-calming displayed by a stressed dog will manifest in the following ways;

  • Licking lips
  • Yawning
  • Trying to hide
  • Self-harm by chewing or biting
  • Barking, whining or howling
  • Jumping up persistently
  • Urination or defecation

There are many reasons that your dog can become stressed. Change in circumstances, a new pet to the home, travelling, fireworks and separation anxiety can all cause worry in your dog’s mind. Older dogs may become stressed in some circumstances despite being fine with them up until old age.

A severely stressed dog will cause you, as the owner that loves him, concern. You will want to help him and with Pet Remedy you can.

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