Schesir Taste The World Chicken Carbonara Adult Dog Food

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The chicken fillets are combined with pasta and tasty pork, plus peas, cheese and eggs: a complete and balanced meal that is inspired by the celebrated and exquisite carbonara pasta dish, offering your dog the quality of the ingredients in a delicious combination of flavours.

Why choose this product

  • with real pasta
  • enriched with pork
  • 100% complete and balanced recipe, with all the proteins, vitamins and minerals that adult dogs need
  • protein from real chicken
  • broth texture to add hydration
  • minimally processed quality ingredients with high nutritional value


  • chicken 40%, chicken broth 33%, pasta 10%, pork 4%, peas 4%, refined sunflower oil, cheese 2%, minerals, egg powder 1%, tapioca starch, tuna oil.

Analytical Components

  • protein 9%, crude fat 5%, crude ash 2%, crude fiber 0.1%. Humidity 80%. Ca 0.34%, P 0.22%.

Advice on use

Offer as a supplement within a complete and balanced diet, following the provided guidelines. Do not exceed the recommended serving to avoid diet imbalance.

Recommended doses:

Weight 2 - 4 kg 5 - 7 kg 8 - 10 kg
Quantity 2 cans per day 3 cans per day 4 cans per day

Serve at room temperature. Store in the refrigerator after opening and use within 48 hours.

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