Wags & Whiskers Soft Ostrich Bone Treats
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Wags & Whiskers Soft Ostrich Bone Treats

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Wags & Whiskers natural ostrich bites are the perfect reward for between meals. Thanks to their semi-moist consistency these little treats retain an exceptionally meaty flavour, and their recipe makes them a deliciously light treat for every dog. The bites contains no grains and are gluten-free, 100% Ostrich meat used perfect for dogs with food sensitives, intolerances or allergies. 

Whether at home or out and about, our Soft Ostrich Bites are ideal as a reward for good behaviour. Letting your dog know when it's doing something right is an essential part of training. Each treat is approx. 2cm in size, perfect as a little encouraging treat that won't distract your dog from the task at hand

Healthy Benefits:


  • Easily digestible & perfect for sensitive tummies
  • Low fat content that supports weight loss.
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Suitable for puppies, adults & senior dogs of all breeds. 
  • Our gentle manufacturing process helps retain vital nutrients & flavour from raw materials. 
  • Grain, Gluten, Dairy & Wheat Free. 
  • Great for bedtime treats & training rewards
  • 160g re-sealable pouch.



85% Ostrich Meat & minerals. 

Nutritional Information:  

Protein: 48.8% Fat:9.6% Moisture: 21% Fibre: 16% Crude Ash: 8.4%

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