DogsLife Ear Cleaning Wipes

DogsLife Ear Cleaning Wipes

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Finger Dog Ear Wipes have been designed to Gently Remove Dirt, Wax and Provide Itch Relief from your Dogs Ears With Confidence, Keeping your Dogs Ears Clean & Healthy.

Remove Dirt & Ear Wax Stop Itchy Dog Ears Fight Smelly Dog Ears Safe and Easy Non-Irritating Formula Complete Dog Ear Care Easy Access & Storage Tub

How To Use:
- Remove one Ear Wipe from the container with clean hands.
- Place over your index finger.
- Clean your Dog’s ears by gently wiping.
- Dispose of used wipes in the bin.
- Close the container lid tightly to ensure the wipes do not dry out


Naturally Pre-Soaked With Aloe Vera

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