Life of Riley

Life of Riley Doggy Truffles

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Now when you think of getting someone a nice gift, you think chocolate right?

Well we all know that would be a terrible idea for a dog.... but.... these are a tasty peanut butter and carob biccie topped with our delicious signature icing!

As always, everything we do (and these are no exception) are 100% natural, grain free and sugar free - we only use plant based colours and flavourings and they have been developed for sensitive tummies too!

In each box you will receive 6 hand iced truffles, in a compostable card tray wrapped in a recyclable protective film.

These are the pawfect gift for any discerning dog!

Ingredients: Gram, coconut, peanut butter, carob & our natural sugar free icing and toppings.

Shelf life: 12 months - please store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

As these are a handmade product, and we are constantly improving / developing our products the items may differ slightly in size, shape and colour from the photos!

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