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Petello Nobblys Original Peanut Butter Dog Chew

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Petello Nobblys dental dog chews are natural vegetarian chews that are made with peanut butter. Each chew promotes dental health by helping to reduce tartar build-up thanks to its unique shape and nobbles! Each treat is also gluten and grain free as well as low fat, making it a great complementary dental treat for dogs with or without special diets.

Usage: Complementary pet food. Feed as a treat or a reward anytime as part of a balanced
diet. Treats should be given on a non-stainable surface. Ensure you select the appropriately sized
treats or chews for the dog and break into smaller pieces if necessary, also taking into
consideration their feeding behaviour. Dogs should be supervised at all times whilst feeding.
Remove if appropriate to prevent choking or other hazards. Always ensure clean fresh
drinking water is available. Suitable for puppies over 6 months old.

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